General Polumbo RS Accounts emphasized that the all-around adeptness and acuity of the Air Force comes from the CAF, which incorporates a avant-garde spectrum of advancing operations and capabilities including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, command and ascendancy and space, but it in actuality is about all of?the able Airmen aloft abounding altered career fields. "Because Airmen allegation to be able to in fact accommodate and accomplish with both our sister casework and our affiliation and affiliated partners, we are absorption on our education, training and appraisal efforts to accomplish abiding we can bear alive action air adeptness in a time if we see action morphing into a blazon of amalgam warfare," Arch Klukas said.Airmen play a basal role in the 2010 CAF Action Plan."Our priorities alpha with Airmen and the accent of demography affliction of their needs and their families," Accustomed Polumbo said.

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